Using the Internet to Link Green Procurement and Green Products
Jyh-Jian Liu1 and Hua-Yu Lin2, (1)Taiwan environmental management association, Taiwan; (2)Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, Taiwan, Taiwan
The Taiwan Environmental Management Association (TEMA) has been commissioned by Taiwan's Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to establish a web-site to support the purchasing of Type II Green Products. This article will present our experiences in starting this project. The website is part of the overall effort to establish the Green Purchasing Network of Taiwan (TGPN see http://tgpn.ema.org.tw). Taiwan has implemented an eco-labeling system since 1993, but the eco-label alone has not been sufficient to support the development of green supply chains. As such, the TPGN was inspired by experience in Japan (GPN) and is being launched to catalyze the development of green consumerism in Taiwan. The TGPN has worked closely with EDF to ensure that the eco-label and TGPN are synergistic with each other. TGPN is expected to offer a large range of green products to provide the broad range of selection desired by buyers. TGPN will focus more on industrial supplies including materials and equipments.
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