Reconstructing The Environment For Sustainable Development In Iran
Majid Yasoori, Ferdowsi university of Mashhad, Iran
The increase of population and human needs has made it imperative to use technology and new methods of using natural resources. The activities performed to increase production capacity has been a strain upon the natural resources and has resulted in a lack of balance between man and his environment. Theoretically this thesis places emphasis on the maintenance of basic production resources and reformation of economic and social structures. To the end the natural environment social and economic structures have been studied and using R.S and G.I.S a comparison has been made between the optimal status and the present status. The results show a lack of correspondence between the current rate of exploitation and the basic development resources. Natural limitations in this province and inappropriate economic and social structures including lack of necessary underlying structures low level of literacy and skills lack of appropriate patterns of exploitation lack of economic institutes etc on the other hand has given rise to this worry that the current trend of exploitation will impose limitations on the future generation. The investments done and the measures taken in the last ten years have been meant to create the appropriate underlying structures and reform methods and patterns of exploitation of natural resources. To correct the economic and social methods and to reform methods of exploiting the resources the present writer has made suggestions. The suggestions aimed at reconstructing the environment for sustainable development can result in optimal use of the resources prevention of the waste of labor force and capital and finally a balance between man and environment.
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