Sustainable consumption research exchanges (SCORE !)
Arnold Tukker, TNO-STB, Netherlands
Sustainable consumption and production (SCP) is key policy priority world-wide. The EU is – pending successful negotiations – likely to fund a research network in this field. The network will ensure that experts that understand business development, (sustainable) solution design, consumer behaviour and effectiveness of (policy) instruments work together in shaping them. Furthermore, this should be linked with experiences of actors (industry, consumer groups, ecolabelling organisations) in real-life consumption areas. Since in the EU a network with these characteristics is absent, we propose to set up a Co-ordination action in the field of SCP, emphasizing on “user awareness” for sustainable consumption, involving key expertise covering all relevant steps of the value chain in the priority consumption domains Mobility, Agro-Food, and Energy/electronics. These domains contribute to over 70% of the life cycle impacts of household consumption, are a priority in the EUs Enviromental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP), and give good examples of user awareness schemes (e.g. labeling). This paper is one of the first announcements of the network, describes its envisaged structure, and the possibilities for contributions.
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