Sustainable Development: A Multi-Actor Consultation. The Uk Government Experience
Louise Ellis, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
This paper forms part of broader PhD research examining the role of multinational corporations (MNCs) in UK sustainable development policy. This research aims to identify the mode of influence available to MNCs in the policy process, incorporating theories of power and discourse. This paper will provide an assessment of the UK Government’s consultation process relating to the current review of the National Sustainable Development Strategy. An analysis of the policy context and process of the consultation process will be given, along with an evaluation of the discourse employed by the different actors involved in the consultation. Other actors in addition to MNCs will be addressed. The paper will try, at this mid point, to identify successful methods of consultee engagement. In addition, highlighting any patterns of influence and agenda-setting emerging after the public consultation stage of the process, which will then be traced until completion of the policy process.