A Synopsis of Global Compact Applications in Turkey
dilek Cetindamar and yildiz Arękan, sabani university, Turkey
Diffusion of environmentally sound technologies (EST) and adoption of environmentally responsible behavior among firms depends upon a number of driving forces.

This paper analyzes the effects of a corporate social responsibility tool that is UN’s Global Compact from the perspective of diffusion of environmentally responsible behavior among firms. This is done through an empirical study conducted among Turkish companies that joined GC initiative. Through the help of a survey, we investigate the implementation of GC principles in these firms and its results over firm performance. In addition, we broaden the survey to include companies that received either international environmental quality standards (ISO 14001) or received environmental awards. Then, we compare the results of the survey to analyze the existing conditions in Turkey with respect to the implementation of environmentally sound technologies. The study does not only highlight the issues related to the implementation of GC as a tool but also underline the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies in Turkey. The discussion ends with a few policy projections for other developing countries.

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