Environmental Management Partnerships: A Research Case Study from the Tourism Industry
Bruce Simmons1, Jennifer Scott1, Robyn Bushell1, Corazon Sinha1, Michelle Desailly1 and Barry Baillie2, (1)University of Western Sydney, Australia; (2)Camping and Caravan Industry Association, Australia
The Tourism industry consists of many small to medium businesses. It has a vested interest in the ‘environment’ in that it relies on environmental attributes and ambience as core business. A number of environmental accreditation schemes have been developed for the tourism industry with little uptake rate or success when judged against sustainability principles.

Caravan and Camping parks are the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry in NSW, Australia. The Camping and Caravan Park Industry developed an environmental management system using a partnership between the Camping and Caravan Park Industry Association of NSW and the University of Western Sydney. The pillars of the program were the principles of sustainability, self-development of the program and independent accountability. Three levels of award (Bronze, Silver and Gold) were developed to promote awareness, knowledge development, program planning, engagement and assessment.

The barriers to the adoption of environmental management systems were addressed by the industry developing its own program, integration into normal business practices and by educational workshops and industry journal programs. At the end of one year 35 % of the CCIA members have engaged an environmental management program compared to approximately 6% for small business nationally. Significant positive publicity has been generated for the industry generally and for engaged parks.

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