Framework for environmental management in Ahvaz Steel industry
Neemat Jaafarzadeh1, Mehrnoosh Abtahi2, Habib Izadian3, Karim Sorkhi4 and Yalda Basiim5, (1)center of research azad ahwaz university, Ahwaz , Iran, Iran; (2)Ahvaz University, Iran; (3)Ahvaz steel Industry, Iran; (4)Ahvaz Steel Industry, Iran; (5)Sazab pardazan Co., Iran
In this study we considered the fate of the environmental pollution that release from the Ahvaz Steel Industry.After that we search about the plant activities and the related pollutants which exist among the processes. with priodical sampling and by labratory analysis we ound that the most pollutanats in this industry were water and air pollutants such as the organic loads in effluents and the dust and TSP in air exhust.After that we have done some sutdies for determinig the management approches which needed for pollution abatement in this plant. Our search showed that the several ways that approved by plant directorate and the environmental worker have done for ipollution inhibition.and some of these actions have more success. At the end we chave catagorized the all of the ways in to five solution ways include of the water purification,air pollution control,solid wastes management,noise and vibration control and resource recovery. our study showed that in this industry and for catching the ISO 14000 and OHSAS certifications they obligated for solve all off the pollution problems as well as the occupational concerns. We will disscuss and explain about the different approches which act as the gold ways for pollution abatement in Ahaz Steel Industry in Iran
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