Sustainable Construction - Innovations in Action, February 2004
Kylie Uebergang, Veronica Galbraith and Alison Tam, Civic Exchange, Hong Kong
This Case Study presents an introduction to sustainable development and its application to the construction industry through a review of the practices and methodologies utilised in the construction of Chater House (CH), a prominent commercial building in central Hong Kong.

The report is divided into two parts. Part One summarises the aims of the study and provides an introduction to sustainable development and sustainability performance reporting. It also sets the scene for understanding sustainable construction by providing a snapshot of the Hong Kong construction industry at present, including a summary of industry problems and reforms, environmental issues and the progress of sustainability performance reporting.

Part Two of the report is the CH Case Study, which is made up of four major sections:

(1) An introduction to CH. This section outlines the background of the CH project, including an overview of project timing and value, and summarises the reasons for selecting CH as a Case Study. (2) Sustainability in construction. This section looks at the technical innovations introduced in the CH project, particularly those effective in reducing environmental impacts. It also provides an overview of industry standards and assessment processes. (3) Sustainability and stakeholders. This section focuses on the role of affected project stakeholders, the project Partnering process and safety and training initiatives adopted in the CH project. (4) Sustainability and its economic impacts. This section discusses the relationship between economic, social and environmental impacts and the need to develop performance measurement criteria that fully reflect the total impact of an organisationís activities.

While this Case Study is not a comprehensive sustainability report or audit, we hope that it provides useful insights on the measures that any organisation, not simply those in the construction industry, can implement to improve sustainability performance and reporting.

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