Large and Small Public Transport Companies in Hong Kong: Innovation Capability and Enterprise Competitiveness
Jacqueline Chi Kei Lam, "Corporate Environmental Governance Programme, Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management", Hong Kong
For decades, motorized transport has constituted a major source of urban air pollution. More recently it has also been seen as a key source of greenhouse gas emissions Many studies have been conducted worldwide to understand and assess the automobile industry's attempts to produce new environmental automobile technologies. However, very few have covered the vehicle end-users, such as public transport operators, in terms of their adoption patterns and their capabilities for making substantial environmental improvements. As commuters in Hong Kong have a high level of dependency on public transport, the success of the public transport sector in environmental innovation has a critical impact on the urban fabric. This paper reports the results of a qualitative study of the environmental innovation capabilities of a sample of 6 companies in Hong Kong representing four major sectors of public transport: rail, bus, minibus and taxi companies. This paper assesses the innovation capabilities in both large and small public transport companies in Hong Kong across four domains: (1) social demand for environmental innovation (2) management orientation (3) business/organizational innovation competence, and (4) network involvement. Inter-sectoral differences are also investigated. It is argued that a firm's innovation success is conditioned by its innovation capabilities, both internally and externally. The assessment therefore helps us understand factors which determine the success or failure of a company to innovate in an environmental-friendly way. It also forms the basis for strategic policy formulation to further enhance the sector's success in environmental innovation adoption, ultimately improving business prospects and creating a better environment in Hong Kong.
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