Partnerships for corporate sustainability. Capacity development in South-East Asia
Tobias Viere1, Christian Herzig1, Stefan Schaltegger1 and Raymond Leung2, (1)CSM, University of Lueneburg, Germany; (2)ASEP - Asian Society for Environmental Protection, Thailand
The development of South-East Asia is rapid, both in terms of economic growth and in terms of increasing pollution. Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) at large contribute to economic development as well as environmental and social problems. Enabling management to move theses companies towards a more sustainable business is a key challenge of contemporary capacity development. This article analyses obstacles and specific features of SMEs with regard to sustainability and highlights the importance of partnerships in this context. It develops recommendations for the design of capacity development projects which aim to initialise a self-sufficient dissemination process of sustainable business practice in the long run. Furthermore the approach of an existing capacity development project for sustainable business is examined. The capacity development project ‘EMA-SEA' aims to support small and medium-sized South-East Asian companies in applying EMA tools to improve their eco-efficiency and decision-making, and to train representatives of non-government organizations, industry associations, public authorities, research institutes, and consultancies in environmental management accounting.

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