Integrated Sustainable Consumption and Production - the Asian perspective
Niclas Svenningsen, United Nations Environmnet Programme, Thailand
Production and consumption are “different sides of the same coin”: Producers supply products and services to meet the needs from the consumers, and consumers select their consumption from products services available.

Traditionally environmental issues have been regarded either as only a concern for the producer or the consumer, without taking into account the effects on the other side of the coin (e.g. producers forgetting to consider if their products can be recycled, and consumers not being aware of how their choice of products may impact scarce natural resources). At WSSD, however, it was accentuated that an integrated approach is needed. In responding to this, many organizations are now focussing their efforts on promoting an integrated approach to addressing environmental issues related to consumption and production. As part of this effort UNEP has undertaken a regional review of the status of sustainable consumption and production in Asia,

This paper presents the main findings from that review and also elaborates how the SCP concept may be understood in the Asian context.

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