Session 87
Accepted Papers

12:00 AM 87-1Environmental Decision Making in Airframe Design
Isabelle Delay Saunders, Airbus UK, United Kingdom, Walter Wehrmeyer
12:20 AM 87-2Clusters of innovation for sustainability: a systems approach to sustainable development
Frank Boons, erasmus university, Netherlands
12:40 AM 87-3Creating A Sustainable Future By Means Of A Global Sustainability Brand
Sophie Constance, Constance Creative Marketing, Australia
1:00 AM 87-4Project of Cleaner Technology Capacity Building
Pramote Srisuwan, Bureau of Industrial Environment Technology, Thailand, Mongkol Pruekwatana
1:20 AM 87-5Sustainable Consumption and Innovation: the case of food services and eating out
Jaco Quist, "Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management", Netherlands
1:40 AM 87-6The Impact of Firm's Social Investments on its Financial Performance
Christel Decock Good and Laurent Georges, EDHEC, France
Paula Femenías, Dep. of Built Environment and Sustainable Development, Sweden, Anke Van Hal
2:20 AM 87-8Integrating Education for Sustainability into the Key Conversations in Management Education
Michael Meeks and Bruce Paton, San Francisco State University, USA
2:40 AM 87-9Integrating Human and Ecological Factors: a Systematic Approach to Innovation for Corporate Sustainability
Suzanne Benn1, Dexter Dunphy2 and Andrew Griffiths2, (1)School of Management, Australia; (2)School of Management
3:00 AM 87-10Backcasting for Industrial Transformations and System Innovations towards Sustainability
Jaco Quist, "Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management", Netherlands
3:20 AM 87-11Sustainable development applied to SMEs. A research campaign in 60 Italian companies
Aldo Pilisi, Associazione Industriale Bresciana, Italy, Alessia Venturelli, Associazione Industriale Bresciana
3:40 AM 87-12Integrating Social and Environmental Issues with Business Strategy and Operations - The Case Study of Mountain Equipment Co-op
Chad Park, The Natural Step Canada, Canada, R.J. Orsato and Denise Taschereau
4:00 AM 87-13Modeling of Education towards Sustainable Development
László Tóth, Head of Department of World Economics and Comparative Economics, Hungary, Klára Szita Tóth, Head of Department of World Economics and Comparative Economics
4:20 AM 87-14The determinants of the business environmental response:
Isabelle Callens, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
4:40 AM 87-15Pragmatic Challenge of Sustainable Development: Lessons From Shell Canada Limited
Pong Leung, IIIEE, Sweden, Renato J. Orsato
5:00 AM 87-16Reduction of Gaseous Emissions from Sulphuric Acid Plants
Inder Lal Bansal, Siel Limited, India
5:20 AM 87-17Inspection Strategies
Jens Peter Mortensen, ROVESTA Enviroment I/S, Denmark
5:40 AM 87-18Pavement Life-cycle Assessment Tool for Environmental and Economic Effects (PaLATE)
Sergio Pacca, University of California, USA, Arpad Horvath, UC Berkeley, USA
6:00 AM 87-19The Environmental and Economic Benefits for Clean Technology: ALBA Case
Ali Al-hesabi, "Public Commision for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife", Bahrain
6:20 AM 87-20Where is Industry in Sustainable Development Stategies?
Ralph Luken, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Austria
6:40 AM 87-21Environmental reporting in the context of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI).
Esther Garcia, Ethical Investment Research Services (EIRIS) Ltd, United Kingdom
7:00 AM 87-22Sustainability of Innovative Regional Development: Southeastern Anatolia Project of Turkey As a Case Study
Bulent Acma, "Anadolu University,Department of Economics", Turkey
Knud Sinding, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark, Philip Peck
7:40 AM 87-24Eco-Industrial Park(EIP) and It's Application In Korea
Jeongin Kim, Chung-AngUniversity, South Korea, Heon-Bae Jeong, Chung-AngUniversity
8:00 AM 87-25MANAGING ANTAGONISTIC ASSETS - Deliberate Resource Misfit as a Dynamic Capability
Kai Hockerts, INSEAD, France
8:20 AM 87-26"Transboundary Winter Fog in Pakistan: causes, concerns and options"
Ahmad Saeed, IUCN – The World Conservation Union, Pakistan
8:40 AM 87-27Disposal of obsolete pesticides in the Sudan: A step toward Sustainable development
Aarif H. El-Mubarak, Research Institute, Saudi Arabia

Technical Program

The 11th International Conference - Innovating for Sustainability (October 12-15, 2003)