Session 80
Wednesday, 15 October 2003
9:30 AM-10:45 AM
Hotel Nikko San Francisco - 3rd floor, Carmel II
Innovating Environmental Policy
Track 2: How can institutions and organizations innovate for sustainability?
Theme 2C: Voluntary Approaches
Chair:Tan Sinh Bach
9:30 AM 80-1Regulating for Market Success? Legislation vs. Self Regulation as a Determinant of Firm Competitiveness
P.D. Jose, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India
9:40 AM 80-2Innovating Environmental Policy; An International Comparison of Collaborative Sector-based Policy Programs - Session Overview
Theo De Bruijn, University of Twente, Netherlands
9:50 AM 80-3The use of Covenants in Target Group Policy: Evaluating a Dutch Environmental Policy Innovation
Hans Bressers, CSTM University of Twente, Netherlands, Theo De Bruijn, CSTM University of Twente
10:00 AM 80-4Stakeholder Involvement in the Design of U.S. Voluntary Environmental Programs: Does Sponsorship Matter?
JoAnn Carmin, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, USA, Nicole Darnall and Joao Mil-Homens, Virginia Tech, USA
10:10 AM 80-5Implementing Extended Producer Responsibility in Flemish Waste Policy: Evaluation of the Introduction of the Duty of Acceptance
Marc De Clercq, Centre for Environmental Economics and Management, Belgium, Roeland Bracke, Centre for Environmental Economics and Management
10:20 AM Dialogue

Technical Program

The 11th International Conference - Innovating for Sustainability (October 12-15, 2003)