Session 44
Tuesday, 14 October 2003
8:00 AM-9:15 AM
Hotel Nikko San Francisco - 3rd floor, Monterey II
New Directions for Energy Policies and Strategies
Track 2: How can institutions and organizations innovate for sustainability?
Theme 2B: Climate, Environment, Energy
Chair:Steve McCauley
8:00 AM 44-1Greening of Nordic electricity industry: Policy convergence and diversity
Atle Midttun1, Mari Hegg Gundersen2 and Anne Louise Koefoed2, (1)Department of Innovation and Economic Organisation, Norway; (2)Department of Innovation and Economic Organisation
8:10 AM 44-2SHAPING TRANSFORMATION IN ELECTRICITY SYSTEMS –Context conditions of Evolutionary Governance in Germany and the Netherlands
Jan-Peter Voss, Oeko-Institut Institute for Applied Ecology, Germany
8:20 AM 44-3Is Russia Short of Gas? New Approaches to Gas Resources Management
Nina Poussenkova, "The Institute of World Economy and International Relations,", Russia
8:30 AM 44-4Medium and Long Term Trends and Necessary Measures in Electricity and Heat Capacities System for a Sustainable Development in New Bases of the Electricity Market
Otilia Marin, C.N. Transelectrica S.A., Romania, Aureliu Leca and Bruce Hamilton
8:40 AM 44-5Pro-active Responses to Climate Change: How They Evolved in Two Industry Sectors
Jesse Uzzell, DNV Research, Norway
8:50 AM 44-6Transition to a Sustainable Electricity System
Peter Hofman, CSTM University of Twente, Netherlands
9:00 AM Dialogue

Technical Program

The 11th International Conference - Innovating for Sustainability (October 12-15, 2003)