Session 36
Monday, 13 October 2003
2:00 PM-3:15 PM
Hotel Nikko San Francisco - 3rd floor, Carmel I
Research Needs for Innovation in Regions
Track 2: How can institutions and organizations innovate for sustainability?
Theme 2E: Regions and Communities
Chair:Arne Remmen
2:00 PM 36-1Knowledge bank and knowledge broker: Roles of local authorities in regional networks for environmental innovation
Fredrik von Malmborg, Linköping University, Sweden
2:10 PM 36-2The Industrial Region as a Promising Unit for Eco-industrial Development – reflections, practical experience and the building of innovative instruments to support a closed loop economy
Thomas Sterr, Institut for Environmental Economic Analyses (IUWA), Germany, Thomas Ott
2:20 PM Dialogue

Technical Program

The 11th International Conference - Innovating for Sustainability (October 12-15, 2003)