Session 64
Tuesday, 14 October 2003
2:00 PM-3:30 PM
Hotel Nikko San Francisco - 3rd floor, Carmel I
Research Strategies for Industry Innovation
Track 2: How can institutions and organizations innovate for sustainability?
Theme 2B: Climate, Environment, Energy
Chair:Audun Ruud
2:00 PM 64-1A European Prospective of Innovation for Sustainable Development
Nigel Roome, Erasmus Centre for Environmental Studies, Netherlands
2:10 PM 64-2Embedding Radical Innovations in Society
Peter S. Hofman, "Centre for Clean Technology and Environmental Policy, CSTM", Netherlands
2:20 PM 64-3Why Shecco in Norsk Hydro? A presentation of Norsk Hydro and how and why Shecco Technology became part of Norsk Hydro's portfolio
Rolf Marstrander, ProSus, Norway
2:30 PM 64-4Environmental innovation commercialization: The case of Finnish bioenergy innovations
Tarja Teppo1, Hanne Siikavirta2 and Lassi Linnanen2, (1)Helsinki University of Technology, Finland; (2)Helsinki University of Technology
2:40 PM 64-5Combating climate change through effective producer-consumer collaboration in product innovation
Bernd Siebenhuener, Oldenburg University, Germany, Torsten Behrens, Oldenburg University
2:50 PM 64-6How can eco-design be used as a guiding tool towards the diffusion of sustainable product innovations? Some empirical findings from the CondEcol project.
Audun Ruud, ProSus, Norway, Olav Mosvold Larsen, ProSus
3:00 PM 64-7Exploring the Conditions for Adapting Existing Techno-Industrial Processes to Ecological Premises -- CondEcol
William M. Lafferty1, Rolf Marstrander2 and Audun Ruud2, (1)ProSus, Norway; (2)ProSus

Technical Program

The 11th International Conference - Innovating for Sustainability (October 12-15, 2003)