Innovation in Executive Education: Beyond Sustainability
Richard Brownlee and Andrea Larson, University of Virginia, USA
On a global scale, businesses are being held increasingly accountable for the economic, social, and environmental consequences of their activities. Beginning to emerge out of this new reality are new models of innovation and change that are responding positively to all three of these important dimensions. The growing awareness of the critical role of business, the discovery of important scientific knowledge, the emerging influence of a variety of NGOs, the relentless demands for more transparency and accountability, the revolution in information technology and worldwide communication, and the tangible evidence of the consequences of business have all„oall within the context of world population growth„oactivities contributed to a dramatic increase in public expectations regarding the manner in which companies do business around the world. Furthermore, fundamental changes in the ways we understand society-nature-economy interdependencies increasingly can influence the market value of firms and insert unprecedented complexities into the decision matrix. This proposed session will describe the design and delivery of a new Executive Education Program offered on June 16-20, 2003 at the Darden Graduate School of Busines.