Performance Measurement, Management Systems, and Policy Change: A Case Study of Regulatory Innovation
Daniel J. Fiorino, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, USA
This workshop will engage participants in an in-depth discussion of the lessons learned in the first two years of implementing the Performance Track program at USEPA. The workshop will be based on two sources of data obtained so far: the results of two years of data from the Annual Performance Reports that each member of the program provides annually, and the results of site visits conducted with a sample of members each year. The first source will provide quantitative data on the results that members have achieved in meeting their commitments for improved performance while in the program and the effects of self-audits and corrective action taken to improve their management systems. These reports are publicly available and will include data on some 300 facilities. The site visits provide an additional source of information on the results of the program. Information from some 110 site visits will be available at the time of the GIN conference. In this workshop, information from both sources will be presented and participants will be asked, in a facilitated discussion, to respond to several questions regarding how best to measure performance; the effects of management systems on environmental performance; and the useful organization and presentation of data for public purposes. Participantsí recommendations will be considered by EPA in its proposals for revising the program in 2004. The workshop will include short presentations by EPA and academic researchers who are conducting an independent evaluation of the program, but will consist largely of a facilitated discussion.